Dil's Winter Vol​.​2

by Diligent Fingers

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Diligent Fingers returns with the second volume to his Dil's Winter ep series. the first release was back in 2011 and started with singles released every 2 weeks covering the winter which then made up the ep.

Dil returns to the same format but with a more themed approach and a deeper look into just what winter life is like in manchester for this artist.



released March 31, 2014



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Track Name: The New Exclusive
The Exclusive

The sick spitter the quick thinker the ship sinker determination and drive making my limbs thinner,
First to slap up a prick call me the lip splitter if music is food for thought most cats are serving shit dinners,
The shapeshifter the game fixer the bread winner dark thoughts heavy rotation the head spinner,
The peng smoker the bad joker the high hoper the undisputed I dare you to try and find doper,
Yeah I make it rain fuck a super soaker rugged like max Payne crazy like the joker,
I put in the hard graft you chill on your sofa
Smoking that hard ash I've always got the doejah,
Known to switch it up on a muppet took it to another level whatever I'm saying fuck it
I'm the greatest keep it humble but blatant never elusive repping manny each and every hit you with the new exclusive,
Track Name: 5PM In Manny
The sun sets at five o'clock guaranteed by that time my mind is lost/
collide with toss pots vibes behind my job survive the mindless 9-5 I've got/
And start the long ride home away from the pricks dialling 1 5 0/
price increases and cross sell goals upgrades downgrades and cross line faults call centre woes/
Abandon all hope when I'm on that phone still truth be told I have to get that doe/
Coz I ain't on no road selling those half bars of chro hydro I gave up all that shit a long time ago/
For guaranteed cash monthly payslips to be a member of staff/
To you it might seem daft to me it's just a means to an end a couple zoots and then I'm sleeping again/
The daily grind that we all have to go thru it gets worse the winter takes hold too/
Just Getting by drinking coffee and cold brews and kinda hoping it snows soon/
Just for the day off I'm snowed in, if not? call up your boss " couch I'm so sick " nah that was so shit/
Doing overtime is bitter sweet coz the taxman still gets a piece it's never as much as it seems/
So You finish your shift and head back home a cold flat roll that spliff and just get stoned/
I'm British so I do drink tea the trusted winter warmer since 13/
I mean tea two standard make sure you stir or else you backhanded true grown man shit/
Back to rolling with a chain and headset and every time it beeps I get vexed/ " good morning good afternoon good evening your speaking to leighton how can I help today? " I hate it but it pays the rent/
You're counting down the minutes like your waiting to die coz when you leave you're getting sleet in your eye/
It's Manchester
Yeah bait since day
100% love 90% rain
Track Name: Numbers On The Boards
I'm raising the bar to make change from these 5 quid rappers these high street trappers/
Sick of hearing the same shit from these fake gun clappers it fucking hurts my brain/
Make some noise if you're fed up of bullshit YEAH
We'll let me take the stand in the bull pit/
I'm sayin YALL FEEL LIKE DAT crushing a skull with bare hands
YALL FEEL LIKE DAT taking out teeth with mic stands/
I've been Chillin for a bit now I'm right back to slaughter make you recollect what the rebel soldiers taught ya/
Audible torture will leave you kneeling at the Alta raw with the sword sharp with the pen I be the author/
Ballin I'm putting numbers on the boards even tho I know you dickheads are fixing the scores/
Stylin still putting numbers on the boards stick and move assisting my crew in breaking some jaws/
Got shit prove but nothing to lose I'm filling the void
Stay lyrical unpredictable moves will be employed/
You typical artificial rappers can kill your noise coz soon the truth will resume to be the only music of choice/
You hear the power in my voice got direction like Tom toms you rappers are rom coms this mc just drops bombs like/
Hiroshima genocide rhymes terrorise time while you memorise mine,
I'm the severed mind type I'm not all there discollected from life's hype still I mesmerise minds/
Yeah the devil may cry serves him right for bragging if your woman gets slap then it serves her for naggin/
Got no time for small talk tracks need stacking staying fully independent got no need for backing/
Yeah I stand alone in this war zone abnoxshuz slap a king up off his tall throne/
Surrounded by big dogs digging around for small bones im so hungry I'd snatch your stomach out your torso/
No love for the little guy any wonder I'm getting more than a little high/
Paranoia got me looking at people like " fuck me " you mother fuckers are more than a little sly/
Smile up in my face tell me your all about the bizniz but when you break it down it seems you got the shit twisted/
If it ain't run right then the shit won't work like if you've got no back then your shit won't twerk, yeah stop it
I put the pedigree in paragraphs lay waste to stages leave the ravers with the aftermath/
Numbers on the boards like I'm raging with a power pack
Overpower you cowards devour powers then power nap/
The battle cat with a battle axe taking the power back with no need for a n bomb different to all you sour twats/
It's Dil.
Track Name: Frost Bite Ft T Rayz ( cuts by J.C.A )
Diligent Fingers

Glide thru like an ice skater
the hypes true but I fight greater so fuck your nice neighbours/
There's a nice breaker
spit with a pick axe flow and give you something you can pick at slow/
Food for thought chew the brain gristle
I'm on point your a stray missile
you couldn't catch my heat/
Yeah don't let the blade hit you
swift cut thru your brain tissue
you couldn't match my speed/
I ain't that guy believe me spit a couple bars and leave cats kinda queezy/
316 the team Rayz and dil Ill spitters with a venomous tongue train to kill/
glacier bars fuck about I'll leave your face with a scar no lion king/
Yeah giving up ain't an option Watson I'm guided by fate I praise a higher king/
God flow Sagittarius
want to hate but you're hearing us feel no way there's no fear in us/
Try me
Einstein rhyme schemes provide me with high screams like " that shit is delirious "/
speech reaches deeper depths no retreat I defeat fleets with each request/
Stop it
and that just the tip of the iceberg coz putting pen to page is light work with nice verbs/
I'm in the belly of the beast with a slight smirk
I'll leave the eager being fiends and grip the mic first/
Redeem my piece you see me bleeding thru a tight verse
a deeper species till I'm leaving in a white hurst/
So Don't be walking where my type lurks wise words to you tie die nerds you ain't worthy/
Feeling like your lifelines cursed frost bite to ya eyesight burn with no mercy/
Track Name: I'm The One Ft H Fitz, Jinxsta JX and M.A.B

I'm the eye of the storm that's begun loved less by all but feared more by some/
I'm the reason that the west was won
the same reason you can't pull your gun/
I'm the one like
I'm the fire you can't douse the flames
the scapegoat taking all the blame and still I have no shame/
the missing link you can't complete the chain
I guarantee you will remember my name/
I'm the one like,

Dil Verse

Now let me fuck this up right quick
just like a bent copper going silly with night sticks/
Nobody's going home we're all doing the night shift
known to turn off your hype flicking a light switch bitch/
My hatred for the fake shit is blatant
coz when I take a look in their faces their vacant/
Pure product placement and wasted statements tainted cases
different beat but saying the same shit/
I ain't having it coming with gramma to damage amateurs
and veterans alike no discrimination I'm avin ya's/
Battling past parameters nowadays it's hard to find challenger
when you're surrounded by gas canisters/
Slapping ya with a thunderclap to flatten most of Canada
boa constrictor presence I'm squeezing the life right out of ya/
ABNOXSHUZ to the day of my death
Spynal records is the label I rep/
so get the fuck out my face
Track Name: Spaceship 2.0
I'm off in my spaceship
away with the stars now
away from the bait shit
above all the dark clouds/
Surrounded by deep space
my mind is at peace here
the silence is golden
my daemons can't reach here/

I sit here inside these four walls
stuck in forethought drained and feeling so war torn/
Surrounded by pads and keys
ten cigs a pack of raws and some bags of cheese/
Blazed I contemplate the death of me
would they cry would they mourn what would be said of me/
Too much time spent alone with my thoughts on my own I resort
and study all the complexities
Bredrin it's vexing me/
True say I bless the weed
meditate and continue to build a legacy/
The current state of affairs only perplexes me
how we continue to praise excess and greed
Bredrin it vexes me/
True say I bless the weed
the shit calms my soul from all that's stressing me/
I have to keep it together I need to get away
but I'm stuck in my chair fucking with hardware me in my dark lair/
Armed with a poisonous pen
driven by vivid imagery within the frequencies I'm frozen again/
Trapped in a soundscape mind state open to zen
laying a verse will make me hopeful again Choking on potent again/
my only form of escape
putting thoughts on a page then get me laced to help me deal with the rage/
Coz daily life is only fanning the flames
and over time my brain is feeling a hazardous cave
I can't make sense of the pain/
But I can numb it tho
channel it in my flow
musical hibernation
therapy space station/
Amongst the constellations
lost in the great unknown so you can call but I won't hear no phone/
I'm at peace now
taking time to figure it out before this poison starts to wither me out/
Too many counting on me
I need to bring the positive back before depression starts to bitter me out/ so

I'm off in my spaceship
away with the stars now
away from the bait shit
above all the dark clouds/
Surrounded by deep space
my mind is at peace here
the silence is golden
my daemons can't reach here/
Track Name: Prodigal Sun
Prodigal Sun

Well what do we have here
The prodigal son Sagittarius ,
The drifter such a shame he can't steer
half numb half delirious/
Serious it's true the face changes with the seasons never find me with the heathens singing songs of treason/
There's a reason we ain't cut from the same cloth so trust me I won't come when your faith rots/
No love I'm feeling only hate in this deep space 9 alienated still that suits me fine/
I'm an outcast still I could outlast outclass your outfit heading you out fast what's that you doubt it/
Listen I'm foul kid the quiet one never letting on when the fire comes I'm out kid/
Above the clouds shit space suit gravity style shit chill in with a coke and smile shit/
Bad intentions from a good heart got in the race with a crooked start but fuck it took part/
Without a good luck charm pure hard work lived in every dirty dungeon where the cold hearts lurk/
Where the chrome bars burst the screams haunt ya fickle what a young life's worth we still barter/
Moaning bout your first world jerks daily mail readers are the first ones murked with no mercy,
Treat us like animals we bite back trust me this is more than just producing a tight track/
Even when I'm floored it's still in me to fight back ready to go to war with the darkness and bring the light back/
I'm like that
Canon fodder for the lower class a trapped nerve in my lower back no wonder the flow is packed/
Reviews tell a different story It seems I don't fit the image plus ain't constantly horny/
Or over zealous with my jewellery up in the night clubs always smelling like a brewery all I see is tomfoolery/
And bare cruelty brutally beaten people don't be fooled by the system we will never be seen as equal/
So I'm speaking for the feeble the hungry the ones with no choice our grandparents our children our youth have no voice/
And these are dark times scarred minds livid we're fed up with all the lies this is our time/

And this is our time scarred minds living thru hardship but we'll make it thru these dark times/
Coz this is our time scarred minds living thru hardship but we'll make it thru these dark times/

Have faith and stay on your hard grind show a middle finger to dickheads moving with harsh minds it's our lives/
And I'll be there when stars cry
Until the bitter end so no more living a half life I'm all in/

And I'll be there when stars cry
Until the bitter end so no more living a half life I'm all in/
Track Name: Eye For An Eye Ft Johnny Darko + Favourless Flem
Diligent Fingers

Calm as ever
scar you harmless breddahs with a switchblade
and show the world your nothing but bitch made/
The juggernaut unstoppable flow
get your wig caved
bring pain more excruciating than getting your ribs shaved/
I ain't playing this beast has never been tamed
aiming for ya main jugular vein with a grenade/
In hand
ready to hit nothing but neck man I've been trained
in 3 point precision I'm hitting sicker than M J/
don't ever call my team out
Don't give us a reason the scene is begging for a clean out/
The whole of abnoxshuz are very skilled at pulling teeth out
It's mean how we demolish mcs making em scream out/
Help me!
Unhealthy when I spray out
Lyrical acid passive aggressive fuck up your day out/
Nah man leave me
I don't play well with others staying abnoxshuz leave you regretting the day that you came out/
No homo slurs always absurd with these rotten words
break the jaw of a nerd
" put your fucking mouth on the curb "/
Grim shit paint a beautiful picture for you dim wits
consequences of writing with limp writs/
we strong arm and sink ships utter destruction when missile hits
balaclava and hammer shit for little pricks/
Listen I'm serious
All joking aside
all I need is a saw and a drill to open your mind/
Fresh meat is needed at the bar and grill it's open at 5
subtle surprise for those approaching to dine/
you are what you eat
Ha I kid I kid I jest I jest
while I slowly stick this shiv inside your chest/
There's no wishful thinking only declined requests
this pack of wolves will tear your fuckery to shreds/
don't even try it you prick
Your now listening to my sickest thoughts
humble in nature but only try me as a last resort/
I'm telling you listen
don't push me trust me don't push me coz fucking with my team will make this rapper turn ugly/
trust me
Not to be played with
got nothing nice to say best you don't say shit/
I ain't got time for games I stay on this grave shift
remaining nameless leave you fuckers chasing this fame shit/
We do it for the love and that's as real as it gets
that's why I love my brothers show the deepest respect/
I stand alone but know they've all got my back
feeling is mutual
wolves are always moving in packs
it's business as usual/
Track Name: Cold World
Late nights long walks and high grade I told you all I'd be standing here when the lights fade/
I see you all looking money trees for a nice shade sign your life away now your regretting the price paid/
Nice mate hp and credit cards look at your statement wondering what all these debits are/
Working 8 hours a day but never getting far life in the bus lane fuck it I ain't getting car/
I should be saving for my wedding but I'm buying weed try and see the world thru these tired eyes and you might agree/
The life i see is just daemons and dickheads trying me denying me of freedom like I'm the last of a dying breed/
Take a second to get it you might understand but you know that I truly meant it/
Wear my heart on my sleeve and confess my mental is dented I've questioned god and his methods but still I'm counting my blessings/
From no lights no food and no heat to strobe lights tight bars and dope beats/
From dreaming of having flashing cars and gold teeth to crew necks new era fitters and no sleep/

" Cash rules every around me "

From giros scrap paper and biros to lump sums high bills and iPhones/
From ten bags pawn shops and old jeans to half ounces reeboks and flat screens/
Bright lights jack Daniels and lemon haze nightmares I'm sick of playing the devil's games/
Improvising I'm tryna get on a level plane unsettled rage screaming feels like I'm stuck in a metal cage/
Chipping my teeth on pound cake taking centre stage do whatever it takes as long as the rent is paid/
The wife is worried thinks I never look after myself
My life is hurried ain't no time to be thinking of health/
Social services cold homes and lost kids I told you its a cold world I'm frost bit/
You got shit? Gimme dat get dropped quick to don't worry it's all good I've got this/

" cash rules everything around me "

I ain't balling I'm only trying maintain
Sometimes I think I should pay the money and change names/
To start again knowing everything that I know now but still can't wash away like a dirty stain on my soul cal/
Still waters do run deep I've only got my 2 lungs keep/
pushing my buttons like you're a glutton for punishment I'm promise you first off I will remove your two front teeth/
More to lose comes with more money too much grief more to prove coz I ain't playing it's you or me/
Believe in god but i ain't praying it's 2:14 in the morning I'm walking up to newall green/
Visions are haunting scared of what I do foresee mission is daunting I'm hoping that I do succeed/
My child is what I do this for unborn but I swear I've never felt this raw/
Pure emotion something that you can't ignore pure devotion is what my child will love me for/
Now that's something that money can't buy I just hope that it's all love when it comes to my time/
And that's real